Things You Will Hate About Solo Travel

Solo travel is a divisive way to go on vacation. While some people love solo travel, others loathe it. But, there are certain things that most people hate about solo travel. They include the following.

Eating Alone

Even the most confident travelers find uttering the phrase ‘table for one’ tough especially in foreign countries. Some people boost their confidence by eating out alone. It also enables them to meet new people. However, it can feel boring after some time especially when you eat out in places with few people.

Nobody to Watch Your Valuables

You’ve probably tried to squeeze your suitcase and yourself into a small bathroom stall just because you don’t have somebody to watch your valuables. After struggling for some time, you may learn to pack light. This can make you resourceful and self-reliance.

Relying on Yourself for Everything

Other people can compensate for your weaknesses when you travel with a partner or in a group. For instance, you can have your partner talk to strangers while you listen. You can also have other people help solve your problems when they arise. But, traveling alone means you are alone to do everything all by yourself.

Having Nobody to Take You Photos

When you travel alone, you may not have a photographer with you everywhere you go. That means you might not have great photos to document your trip. Though you may compensate this by having a selfie stick, you are still likely to have fewer clichéd photos.

No Safety that Comes with Numbers

Numbers bring a sense of safety. Therefore, solo travel can feel limiting and scary. For instance, when you travel alone, you are not likely to take a walk at night. That means you might not explore the nightlife of your destination city. Nevertheless, you can try other activities that you might not consider when you travel in a group.

These are some of the things that make some people hate solo travel in addition to not having someone to talk to. Nevertheless, if you’ve never traveled alone, it’s still wise to try to go on a solo travel trip at least once in your life.

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