How to Avoid Losing Luggage when Traveling

How to Avoid Losing Luggage when Traveling

There are few things that can be frustrating than losing luggage when traveling. The experience is worse when traveling in a foreign country. Buying new items is costly. What’s more, some items may be irreplaceable. Even worse, you may lose important travel documents alongside the luggage. Nevertheless, you can still compose yourself and continue with your trip or end it.

Perhaps, the most important thing is to avoid losing luggage when traveling in the first place. Here are tips to help you avoid losing luggage whenever you travel.

Label Your Luggage

Put your phone number and name on your luggage. Label both the inside and outside of the bags where you pack your items. You can also include an itinerary copy in the checked bags. This will make it easier for the airline to locate you if you leave your luggage with them.

Avoid Tight Connections and Late Check-ins

Tight travel connections and late check-ins are some of the common causes of delayed and lost bags. If possible, avoid these two whenever you travel. If possible, use a single plane to travel to your destination and check in on time.

Pack Valuables in the Carry-on Bags

Valuables like laptop, camera, heirlooms, wallets, medication, passport, jewelry and important travel documents should be in your carry-on bag. Avoid packing your valuables in the checked baggage when traveling.


This may sound tedious. However, don’t forget anything valuable when asked by the airline about the items in your bag. A packing list should help you remember what is in your bags.

Attach Destination Ticket on the Baggage

Be a person that checks the baggage to ensure that it attaches the right destination ticket on the bag. Also make sure that you have a claim ticket for the baggage.

Pack Change Clothes in Carry-on Bags

This is very important because it gives you something to put on in case of delayed checked bag. If you have a travel partner, divide clothes between checked bags. This enables you to have some belongings in case you lose bags.

Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance guarantees you that you can recoup some of the losses incurred when traveling. Therefore, get travel insurance before you travel. Check the policy carefully to ensure that it provides comprehensive coverage.

Follow these tips to avoid losing luggage when traveling locally or internationally. Also, check out one of my favorite sites for travel bookings by clicking here.

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