A Guide for Traveling with Kids during a Pandemic

After living cooped up inside for God knows how long, it is time for families to travel to their favorite destinations or visit their loved ones. Or go for that well-deserved family vacation. Hopping on a flight or going for a road trip with sticky, wiggly children gorged between two armrests is not an easy sport in these post- pandemic times. Traveling with kids during these pandemic periods will need a little more patience and preparation.

Plane or Car

Still, are you not decided on the means of travel? To minimize contact with the public, travel by car if your kids are too young to be vaccinated. Traveling by car saves you the hustle of having to watch your kids like a hawk and just praying that no one in your flight has COVID symptoms. On the other hand, flights are just time-saving, with some taking less than two hours, so you won’t have to take off your masks to eat.

Have Your Masks and Sanitizers at all Times

Also, sanitize all the surfaces that your young ones come into contact with beforehand. Medical experts recommend alcohol-based disinfectants and disinfectant wipes. Wipe down the seats, windows, cutlery after accidentally touching a neighbor, and water bottles.

Have the Extended Family Fully Vaccinated

Most family travels entail visiting relatives you have not seen in a while. As you plan on these family gatherings, all extended family members need to be fully vaccinated to reduce the risk of local transmissions.

In Summary

Kids seem vulnerable and at a higher risk of contacting Covid during these pandemic periods. Whatever means of travel you choose, take all the necessary precautions and do not let anyone make you feel bad for traveling with your kids. After all, you are the parent or guardian and therefore know what is best for your kids.  

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